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Harley Quinn


Meet Miss Harley Quinn! She’s a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, and my new best friend!

Harley was born on April 24th, 2016 and is the niece to Marley, my other Yorkie that stayed with my ex when I moved.

She is such a good puppy! She is learning very fast and is just a good dog.


She approaches everyone with caution, but everyone loves her. Even my dad who didn’t want me to get her.


Here she is, being a little smarty-pants. She jumps into my purse, then tries to jump up on the couch! I just love her so much!

I want to say thank you to Nancy for breeding such a good dog, Alonzo for letting me bring her with me when I stay the night, and to my dad for giving her a chance. You guys won’t be disappointed!

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The Terror of Tiny Town is sick.

Poor little guy. We woke up from a nap today and he was dead. He was still breathing, but was very floppy and out of it. His mouth was all wet.

Luckily Jeff had come home for a second, saw him and we sped off to the vet. Their Dr had already left so they sent us to the emergency vet clinic.

They wanted $400 just to look at him. Well we are poor and only have 1 major income coming in plus a little from me. Jeff had gotten paid today but had paid all the bills, so we didn’t have $400. We tried a few things and finally just agreed to take him home tonight.

On the way home he started moving a little and making noises. He’s been moving all over the place like he’s drunk. He’s finally laying on my chest with his warmie and Blankie.

Please put us in your thoughts, prayers, whatever it is you do. I don’t want to lose my little man.


I will update daily.  Thank you everyone!

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Terror of Tiny Town Turns 10 Weeks!


Terror of Tiny Town, aka Marley, aka Bubbas, aka Hey you , turns 10 Weeks old today! I swear he hasn’t grown since we brought him home, almost three weeks ago. He is such a cute little guy.
He also doesn’t like to pose for pictures! He does the cutest little things, things that Bentley used to do. He will stand there with one paw up like a bird dog, or lay on his belly with his back legs spread out behind him. I swear Bentley is in this little dog!


This is Bentley being a bird dog.

He’s just learning to use his voice. Haha it’s so freaking cute! I’m going to video him tomorrow so you all can see what a cute puppy he is! You’re probably like… “He’s just like every other puppy! ” but he’s not! He has such a cute little personality. He’s mellow like Bob Marley yet can be a little terror, hence his name Terror of Tiny Town 🙂
well little Marley has had an eventful day, as he tried to put the big puppies in their place, so we’re going to call it a night. Sleep well friends!


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Can’t I Just Have A Little More Time?!

So here it is. Saturday morning at 12:34. I always seem to look at the clock at that time. Weird. I have been starring at this phone for probably the past 10 hours, trying to figure out all of these apps I downloaded yesterday, and I’m still not tired! 3 RockStar ago I decided I should probably cut back a little, but then I became thirsty again and it was either RockStar or orange juice. Hmm…. I’ll stick with the RockStar. I don’t want my body to go into shock!

Little Mister Terror of Tiny Town has been with us for two weeks now! I want to say, “he’s getting so big!!!” but then I would be lying. He’s still just a little guy, but has he ever gotten more brave! His favorite spot to sleep on me is between my legs when they’re stretched out in front of me. Well tonight he fell through. He has learned to land on his feet!  He has also learned that the cat is fun to chase! It’s so funny!

So, I have figured out Evernote. I’m going to become so organized you won’t believe it! I’ve been adding my notes from the Kindle and adding my tangles and everything! I suppose I better get back to the two tangles I’ve been meaning to finish for the past couple of days. I just get so distracted with other people’s blogs and whose dating who! I can’t help it! Ok, time to clear my mind and enter that state of zen.

Good night all you weirdos who sleep at night!