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100 Day Happiness Challenge!


Are you happy? I mean, can you look at your life and reflect on all the things in it that makes you happy? I,myself, have been having a hard time doing that given all of the recent events that have happened in my life. What’s there to be happy for anymore? Well guess what? There’s a lot to be happy for, and I’m going to find at least one thing daily that makes me happy. It can be something as small as a smile from a stranger, to winning the lottery. I’m going to do this!
I first saw this challenge being presented on thisblog. It was about a lady from India was kind of having the same problem. She was just looking at the negative in her life and not all of the positive. I’m not going to tell you a whole lot about her blog post because I think you should click on the link and read it yourself! It’s not boring!
So, starting today I am going to be doing this challenged to find happiness. The very first thing I’m going to be happy about is that my boys are strong, healthy, and smart individuals who ALWAYS know how to put a smile on my face. I love those little and big suckers with all of my heart and will no matter what. I hope they all know this. So, that’s my post for today! Search for the 100 Days of Happiness Challenge and see what you find. Does it look like something you’d be interested in doing with me or on your own?
I’m ready to be happy again. Whose with me?

Think Positive, Be Positive


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My Dearest Sister

My Dearest Older Sister,

Where do I start? Maybe with how hurt I am? Nah. You don’t care. How could you care? A person like you has no real feelings, only ulterior motives. What’s your’s? What is so damned important that you risk the relationship with the one person that has looked up to you since she can remember? Probably more than your own children. Do you remember the time I told you that you were the prettiest girl ever? You just brushed me off and said” Whatever.” The one little girl that you would wake up early Christmas morning SO I could hear the coyotes howl at Santa.

I Know, I Know. I took all of your attention away. I’m sorry for that. Do you think I asked to be born? Aren’t you glad some of the attention was taken off of you and you wouldn’t have to do those things that you knew were wrong, but must have been ok since the man you looked up to said it was ok. Do you blame me for our parent’s getting a divorce? Maybe If I hadn’t come around they would’ve stayed together. Continue reading “My Dearest Sister”