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All of the Days I Have Missed!

I have missed so many days of the happiness challenge that I can’t remember what I’ve been happy about! I’m going to start over right now!
Today I’m happy for so much that it’s hard to pick just one thing. I’m going to say that I’m happy that my favorite cousin has come into my life. I love her so much! We are so much a like that you’d think we were sisters.
She gives me strength to keep going when I feel like giving up.  She has been through so much that it amazes me that she is so strong. I don’t like that we live so far away from each other, and hopefully I can get her back over here soon!
I love you Beatrice Petty! Don’t you dare ever leave me or let anyone come between us!

Me on the left, Bea on the right


I love many things; my boys, recovery, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, and the list goes on. Recovery from PTSD and addiction. Acrylic and watercolor painting. Soft yarn, in neutral colors. This is my place to ramble and not have to hear the judgements of others. Thank you.

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