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New York City!

New York City. Some, most love the town. To me? It scares the hell out of me! I always envision a dark, gloomy place with bums and gangsters trying to sell fake gold watches.
And if I were to drive in New York City? I think I would get killed because of my road rage. I prefer driving over walking. I was about ready to put the smack down on people tonight that were going 25 in a 30! I know it’s only 5 mph, but it feels like a while huge difference! Plus my speedometer is set for 40 in town.
I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid of New York City. I mean there are worse places like Chicago! Maybe because here in central Washington you hear more about new York City than you do Chicago. All those people! That’s a good thing about being short. You can just navigate your way through the crowds and they don’t even notice!
I’d probably have a better chance of getting a job in New York City. I’m not having very much luck in this small town and I can’t move for a few more years out of the city.


Gloomy new York City. I wonder how their Chinese food is?




I love many things; my boys, recovery, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, and the list goes on. Recovery from PTSD and addiction. Acrylic and watercolor painting. Soft yarn, in neutral colors. This is my place to ramble and not have to hear the judgements of others. Thank you.

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