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It’s Been A Long While!

I’m Such a liar! I told you I would update you daily with Mr. Marley’s progress. Well, it’s now been two whole months! I’m SO SORRY. I’ve been on kind of an emotional rollercoaster Lately. My plan is to keep up on this blog, get back into my tangling, and start being a good, productive mom.

So, to start off with I am doing this from my phone because I havea HEALTHY, 5 month old Yorkie puppy by the name of Marley, fast asleep on my lap.


Yes, he made it! After my post on here, things went downhill pretty fast.

That night, I held him during the four seizures he had. we went back to the ER Vet and they wanted $700 just to stabilize the poor little guy. As I wrotebefore, we didn’t have the money, so we decided to put him down so he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. The vet at the ER clinic was convinced he had a hepatic shunt, and we would be going through this every three to four months. The only way to diagnose this is by having a blood test done. They wanted $300 for the test. she also said it was a hereditary disease.

I had talked to his breeder earlier in the day and she had never heard of it before. Now, that doesn’t mean her puppies had never had this disease, but after breeding for 16 years you would think she would have heard about it. She stays in contact with the people that buy her puppies.

So,Jeff signed the euthanization papers and they brought Marley in for us to say goodbye. We were sitting there holding him, crying our eyes out, and Jeff said,” I’m not going through with this. He was just fine this morning and I think We need a second opinion.” I agreed with him. I didn’t want to say goodbye just yet.

We let the vet tech know we were not going to have him put down and we went home to wait for Our vet to see him. I think that Was the longest 3 hours Of My life! As long as I was sitting in the rocking chair, rocking,Marley would sleep.

We arrived at our vet’s Office Where they immediately took a blood sugar test and hooked him up to an IV. His blood sugar was so low, it didn’t even register on the machine. He was a whopping 1.7 pounds. The Vet took him back to the warmer and started him on a saline with glucose drip. The first night he went home with her.

They called the next morning and let US Know ALL of his blood work came back negative! That meant no hepatic shunt! He was also regaining Use of his back legs, slowly. The vet was afraid he might not be able to use those cute little legs again.

Marley stayed with her one more night, and was then able to come home the next day. He was SO excited to see us! Heseemed different though.

He almost acted as if he was blind. His eyes were a little crossed. I tookhim outside and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! He just took off running! This was thesame dog that the vet had said probably wouldn’t regain Use of his back legs again, just the day before!

Marley was put on a high calorie diet, and he really is just now acting like his old self. It was like he forgot how to do everything. He’s just now, in the past week, becoming playful again. He doesn’t bark much, which isn’t really that bad ;). And he’s very slowly learning to go potty outside, There’s one problem with that though. He won’tgo down steps, and there are steps on both patios to go down to the grass. He’ll jump up the steps though!

Marley has even developed Some funny little traits. For example, anytime he goes into a different room,he jumps! At first he would do it when he was coming inside, so we thought he was jumping over the part of the door that separates the rooms.
Then he started doing it whenever he went into any room!

So, the final decision made was that Marley wasn’t getting enough to eat, which over time made his blood sugar drop. The reason he wasn’t getting enough to eat was because I was only feeding him dry dog food, and if he became distracted (like he easily does) he wouldn’t finish. Now he gets the yummy Cesar Kind and it doesn’t matter what’s going on. He eats that stuff like he’s never eaten before! He’s finally gaining some weight too!

I’m SO glad we decided not to have him put down. There was just something in our guts telling us that it wasn’t his time yet.

Here’s mybaby boy sticking his tongue out at the ER vet šŸ˜‰


You can’t really see it, but that’s what he’s doing! Guess how much our vet charged us for 3 days and two nights with her, at her house? Just a little over $300! And boy oh boy did she do a great job!

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and whatever else you did. IT worked! Marley thanks you too!



I love many things; my boys, recovery, painting, drawing, crocheting, knitting, and the list goes on. Recovery from PTSD and addiction. Acrylic and watercolor painting. Soft yarn, in neutral colors. This is my place to ramble and not have to hear the judgements of others. Thank you.

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